1991 Red Honda Accord LX in great condition! - $4900 One owner. Took excellent care of this car including all recommended maintenance. Two new tires. Garaged all its life. 130,000 miles.


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  • Anonymous coward on 2001-Oct-26 19:28:10 Anonymous coward said

    Nice Honda; is it sedan or coupe?

  • Anonymous coward on 2002-Mar-14 12:07:20 Anonymous coward said

  • Anonymous coward on 2002-Dec-10 02:22:53 Anonymous coward said

    Cooll !!!
  • Anonymous coward on 2003-Feb-06 18:33:16 Anonymous coward said

    anyone looking for a good car. This is a good one. How I know is I have the same car and color. My car has 242,000 miles on it and still runs like new. So don't let the 130,000 miles run you away.
  • Anonymous coward on 2003-Jun-23 14:41:19 Anonymous coward said

    I should be getting one of these one day a sedan and if not I will call you up and see if you still have it there for a cheaper price.
  • Anonymous coward on 2003-Aug-09 19:44:23 Anonymous coward said

    I have a 91 honda accord lx also, but its a 4 door. I bought it 3 years ago and wouldnt trade it for the world. I love this model.
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Nov-01 10:16:45 Anonymous coward said

    I have one of these cars that has lived it's life in New Brunswick. It just rolled over to 363 000 km and still runs like a dream. If you can get your hands on on of these for you first car do it.
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Dec-21 03:02:58 Anonymous coward said

    i also own the same car, same color but sedan. 178,000 miles right now and still outshining everything on the road, next stop 250,000!
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Mar-12 13:11:47 Anonymous coward said

    happy honda owner
    mines 15 years old best car I ever owned .CRL in England
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Jul-27 10:32:19 Anonymous coward said

    I am considering selling my 91 honda accord. email me if interested at vlambd@hotmail.com
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Aug-23 10:14:39 Anonymous coward said

    I'm buying a 91 accord lx tomorrow. It has 62k miles on it white w/blue int 4dr. I'm paying 4k for it from a dealer. My credit union says that I overpaid by about 700 dollars. Kelley blue book says 4400. Do you think I got a good deal?
  • dave on 2006-Dec-28 17:20:46 dave said

    90 - 93 accords R the best cars made
    the 1991 accord was listed as the most stolen car in america for 2006. The reason? There are so many on the road that spare part are in short supply and chop shops cannot keep up with demand. These cars have lasted alot longer than anyone ever expected. My 1991 Accord runs like new and I'll probably keep it until it's old enough to vote.
  • Zachariah on 2007-Jun-28 23:02:29 Zachariah said

    1991 Honda Accord Lx Coupe
    i bought my 91 accord lx coupe 2dr standard with 170000km's for 900$
  • Bobbi Jo on 2008-Sep-07 08:08:36 Bobbi Jo said

    Price of Sold Car
    How much was this car sold for?
  • Guillermo Gutierrez on 2016-Mar-03 09:58:49 Guillermo Gutierrez said

    i have the exact same car!!! i bought mine back in march 1997 for $6,000 dollars. it's being
    almost 19 years and still runs Great with 270,000k!!! No leaks at all, i do all the maintance myself just installed a new Magnaflow Exhaust with New Firelly Tires. My wife got a new 2015 Honda Civic, her old car was a 2000 Honda civic lx 4dr, we bouth it in 2002 and now have 242,000k (Freeway miles) and also runs great!!! just pass the smog check like a champ!! and got new Brakes front and Back , im still debating on whitch one to keep myself. i have to get rid of one soon, so if anyone is interested on getting a car with no engine problems, let me know . I'm from Ventura County Cal.

    For more info. my email is memo.guti@yahoo.com
    Guillermo Gutierrez

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